"Shaping not just today, but the future."


Who are we?


Shaping the future using blockchain technologies for a brighter tomorrow.

WTBDC, based in Turkey, operates as a Business Council aiming to manage international trade and investments. Our goal is to facilitate integration in cross-border trade, explore international investment opportunities, and coordinate relevant business development efforts. Additionally, WTBDC engages in international economic relations focusing on logistics, contracting, and services, serving as a commercial diplomacy organization involving entrepreneurs and business representatives.


Transparency builds trust by representing an accurate record of shared data. It supports new technologies that enhance efficiency and trust.


It reduces bureaucracy and paperwork, operating securely within its own ecosystem in an international transaction system.


It ensures sustainable and ethical business processes by establishing secure procedures.

Our Mission


Providing consultation to public institutions when necessary

WTBDC aims to contribute to the formation of a social order that embraces a competitive market economy, sustainable development, and participatory democracy. To achieve this goal, it has established the following missions.


Enabling companies to deepen their existing markets and reach new ones.
Organizing national and international events.



Developing and implementing strategies and policies related to international economic relations.


Generating and producing information related to the needs of the business community in international economic relations.


Assisting in expanding the private sector's national, regional, and global networks of interaction.


Organizing training programs aimed at enhancing corporate capacities of companies towards becoming global players.

"Step into the Digital Age with Tokenization of Real-World Assets in the Blockchain Ecosystem. Ensuring reliability with reserves approved by the Canadian Gold Exchange and tokenization of 2.4 million tons of sugar in Brazil, we are creating a responsible ecosystem with green bond projects. Together, we build a concrete, reliable, and responsible future."

"For the Real World in the Digital Age"

3.418.240 ONS
1.872.920 ONS
Gold Reserve
Silver Reserve
2.4 Million TON
Sugar Tokenization

"WTP Gold Token"

"WTP Token serves as a secure haven against uncertainties in international trade and financial markets. It helps exporters minimize risks during economic crises and enhances liquidity. It provides protection against inflation, deflation, and currency devaluation. With its high liquidity, it is an ideal financial instrument for investors. It has become a significant part of investment portfolios for diversification and risk hedging purposes."

WTBDC - GSM COMPANY Tokenization

Since the 1920s, sugar factories have been one of the main actors of industrial policies. WTP plays an important role in the economic and social development of countries through sugar beet and sugar production. It provides access to sugar at affordable prices and takes a priority place in agricultural policies. In addition to being an economic product, sugar is critical in terms of food security and reducing foreign dependency with its social impacts and wide employment opportunities.

GSM COMPANY factory in Brazil has been tokenized and included in the WTP Ecosystem. The tokenization of 2.4 million tons of sugar has been completed by accrediting it to the WTP Ecosystem.

WTPEX Digital Investment Platform

It plans to provide the safest and best service to small, medium and large sized investors and investors by establishing the WTPEX investment platform. WTPEX aims to operate as a digital investment platform system, beyond just a stock exchange.