About Us

"WTBDC Protocol is a pioneering organization building the future trade ecosystem with blockchain technologies, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable world. We reshape international trade with trust, transparency, and innovative solutions."

Low Carbon Emission

WTBDC Protocol aims to expand the international trade finance ecosystem that provides low carbon emissions.

Green Business Solutions

We aim to create environmentally friendly trade processes with green trade solutions.

Innovative Platforms

We develop innovative platforms that change the dynamics of global trade.

Efficient Supply Chain

We pave the way for high-volume trade by increasing efficiency and trust in the supply chain.

Sustainable Development

We provide solutions that support sustainable development and lead to the economic system of the future.

Innovative Technology

We shape the future by increasing the security and efficiency of international trade with innovative WEB3 technologies.

Trade Route and Technology

WTBDC Protocol adopts a comprehensive approach to shape the future of international trade. Strengthening intercontinental trade routes, we optimize business processes using cutting-edge technologies to their fullest potential. We solidify the foundations of secure and sustainable trade through smart contracts and blockchain technologies, bringing together stakeholders across the supply chain. This reduces bureaucracy and speeds up transactions in global trade, offering high-value-added trade solutions.


WTBDC Protocol was established to shape the future of international trade. Our main goal is to ensure that global trade progresses in a healthy and safe manner by ensuring transparency and trust at every stage of trade. Armed with innovative solutions, we set out with the goal of continuous development and growth.

In the future, we will continue our vision to transform the dynamics of global trade and create a fairer, more sustainable trade ecosystem.

We are stronger together...

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