WTP PAY is an innovative fintech solution developed to popularize the use of cryptocurrency and make financial transactions more transparent, secure and faster thanks to Blockchain technology. Thanks to these technologies, many problems faced by traditional financial systems are being solved and new business models are emerging.

Digital Wallets

White Label Banking (BaaS)

Multiple Currencies and Transfers

WTP PAY digital wallets are becoming a common component of every modern card offering. Adding digital wallets can significantly increase consumer engagement and growth for your card program.

WTP PAY serves as a White Label provider that empowers businesses to deliver financial services to their customers. This allows businesses to offer their own financial services using their brand.

WTP PAY enables SEPA and SWIFT transfers with IBANs and support for multiple currencies. This allows users to conduct their global financial transactions quickly and securely.

WTP PAY enables digital transformation with user-friendly components by uniformizing banking services and complex financial matrices. As a White Label (BaaS) provider that empowers businesses to deliver financial services to their customers, WTP PAY offers various functionalities of a banking-as-a-service solution. These functions include various payment modules and financial features such as wallets, licensing and sublicensing, IBANs and multi-currencies, SEPA and SWIFT transfers.


WTP PAY - PCI-DSS level 1 is the highest level of certification and is reserved for service providers that process more than 6 million payment transactions per year. To achieve Level 1 certification, service providers must undergo a rigorous evaluation of their security controls, policies and the highest levels of security standards.

  • Customer Recognition

  • Multi-Currency (IBAN)

  • Multiple Gateway (CORE)

  • Top Up Payment

  • PEPS and Sanction

  • Transactions and Fraud Monitoring

  • SEPA Connector

  • Quick Connector

  • POS and mPOS

  • Custom Dashboard

  • Cryptocurrency

  • API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Certificate